Sunday, May 7, 2023

Strugg L and 28th Auction Puzzle Results

Strugg L is the third puzzle we will release this year. It may seem slow that we have only released three types of puzzles despite it being already May, but we are working hard on puzzle making almost every day. The new puzzle is a box packing puzzle, which we haven't done for a while, but we believe it will also be well-liked by those who enjoy high-level burr puzzles. We are glad that you enjoy our new puzzle.

The 28th auction ended yesterday morning, and the total winning bid price for the two prototype puzzles we offered was AUD $796, which greatly exceeded our expectations.

As promised, we donated approximately half of the winning bid, AUD $400, to AWLQ. Here is the receipt for the donations.

When we donate to AWLQ, it's customary for us to meet the cats waiting for foster parents. In Australia, there has been an increase in the number of people giving up their pets due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and rising living costs, and many animal shelters are burdened with many animals waiting for foster homes.

We hope they will find a new, safe and secure place to accept them.