Friday, January 26, 2018

The 3rd Auction Results

Our 3rd auction event has ended on 18th January.
This time we had put 4 puzzles on eBay.
The results are as follows:

AU $103.51 Mirii CFT (Prototype)
 AU $43.00 Mirii 4x3 (Prototype)
 AU $71.00 Reza 4-4 (2nd grade)
 AU $44.00 Pisa #2 (Prototype)
AU $261.51 Total  / 2 = AU $130.76 >> AU $131.00 Donation

Juno and I visited AWLQ Willawong Animal Rehoming Centre yesterday and donated about a half of sales AU $131.00.

Then, we met fluffy friends there.

We will do the same type of auction someday again. If you are interested in auctions or our new puzzles, please register the Pluredro newsletter.

We would appreciate your cooperation.