Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Slammed Car won the Jury Grand Prize

It was good news to hear that one of our puzzle products, Slammed Car, won the Jury Grand Prize at the 2019 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition. We received lots of congratulatory messages and we thank all of you who supported us.

Although we run a niche business producing wooden mechanical puzzles, the name of the designer is not Juniche but Junichi. When Juno was a small kid, he complained to his mother asking why his Japanese name looked simpler compared to two of his elder brothers. His mother told Juno that all the Japanese names of her three sons have the same number of spelling strokes and your name means No. 1 hoping to be No. 1. Juno's mind was not so twisted as today at the time and he was convinced and thought that "OK, I have to be No. 1." Anyways, Juno likes to be spelled as Juniche and he captured the image of the competition website before the committee fixed the mistyping.

We have produced nearly 100 Slammed Cars and thanks to your support, the cars are almost gone.

Now, it is a good opportunity to inform our customers who have already bought the car. We expected that some of the small parts of the puzzle can be lost or damaged, so we produced extra parts. We heard the car displayed at the competition was also damaged and we think positively it meant many people played with the puzzle. There are especially decent numbers of spare parts of wing mirror sets and the spanner. One of our customers told us the front rego plate was chewed by his dog.

You know, the world is complex, and we don't know what will happen; chewed by a dog, traffic accident and so on. Please contact us if you need these spare parts. We can send replacement parts (if available) by non-trackable letter or if you buy another puzzle at Pluredro Shop, we can enclose the replacement part in the package.

We have already been working on our next sequential discovery puzzle product, but it is impossible to tell at the moment when the puzzle will be available. Please understand that we also can't reserve our puzzle products because if everybody starts asking us for a reservation, we just cannot handle it, and it is also important for fairness to let the early birds catch the worm. The first announcement of our new products is always notified by Pluredro Newsletter and if you are not subscribed, please register.