Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Headed Lattice and 12th Auction Results


We have produced our second lattice type puzzle Headed Lattice last weekend. Please have a look at the detail of the puzzle on our official web shop.

Before the release of Headed Lattice, we held 12th puzzle auction on eBay and the total sales amount of the three puzzles became a surprisingly high AUD $357.00!

As we have always done, Juno and I headed to the head branch of AWLQ, the shelter of one of our adapted cats, to donate half the sales amount of the auction. It was a good excuse to meet our fluffy friends but this time, we also met some birds, dogs and guinea pigs there. Here is the invoice of the donation.

Donation receipt (AUD180.00)

We also met our (human) friends there and they also supported AWLQ to express their gratitude for having a fun time at the shelter. After we left the shelter, we enjoyed lunch and shopping together, and it was a great day for the beginning of the week.