Tuesday, July 5, 2022

24th Puzzle Auction and Mittan Puzzles' 2nd Chance

24th Puzzle Auction and Mittan Puzzles' 2nd Chance

We have started auctions!

Pluredro Auction


Before releasing two kinds of board burr puzzles on Sunday 10th July at 07:00 a.m. (Brisbane time), we started auctions on our website.
We used to hold our puzzle auction on eBay but decided to have auctions on our website. We hope that the auction system works flawlessly and becomes beneficial to our customers. The winning auction items can easily be combined with our regular products and shipped together.

This time, we have put up six puzzles in total, test version and second-grade puzzles for auctions. The start amount is AUD $1.00 as usual. We will donate half of the total sales amount to the Save the Bilby Fund to save the precious marsupial of the Australian outback.

Regarding our new board burr puzzles, please visit the following "Upcoming puzzles" page for information about our new puzzle. The puzzle information on this page will be available until before the puzzles are released.


Mittan puzzles' 2nd chance

We have kept several 2nd-grade Mittan puzzles that we did not put on our web shop. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of them at AUD $720, the same price as the product versions. We will be offering the sale to those who meet at least one of the following conditions.

1) You are an invitee to the IPP.
2) You have met and talked with Juno in person.
3) You currently own more than 20 Pluredro products.
4) You can convince us that you are a cat lover.

The kept Mittan puzzles will be sold one by one after ensuring that the product versions of Mittan puzzles safely reach our customers. Even if you can buy one of the kept puzzles, it may be another week or more before you hear from us.

Happy Puzzling!