Sunday, September 20, 2020

18th Auction of our new Sequential Discovery Puzzle

Our 17th auction has started on 20th September on eBay. This time we have put five of the 2nd grade SDBB Master up on eBay auction. Three of them are made from pine, two of them are made from PNG Rosewood which is the same timber used as the products that we are going to sell on Sunday 4th October 07:00 A.M. Brisbane time.

Links to the each item

SDBB Master is the sequential discovery puzzle that has the most tools inside that we have ever made. Therefore, the puzzle has become inevitably larger. Juno designed some mechanism that can be opened using some unique tools that I have never seen before.
I want to tell you what they are, but sorry, this is top secret. The puzzle does not need centrifugal force and banging to solve.

Regarding the second-grade puzzles on the auction, they can, of course, be played the same as the product we are going to sell. If you are interested in those second-grade puzzles, please refer to the instruction of each of those pages.
The bidding amount has started from AUD $1.00 as usual. Please keep in mind that the price of the product version of SDBB Master is AUD 820.00.

We are going to donate half of the total sales to the Koala Hospital this time. The Australian iconic animal, the Koala, has got serious damage due to bushfires. We want to save Koalas from extinction, so we are looking forward to you joining!

Regarding the product version of SDBB Master, we are going to sell them on 4th October at 07:00 A.M. Brisbane time. The total number of puzzles for selling is about 90. Until the end of October, you can buy one SDBB Master only. (Excluding the puzzles on auction.)

We look forward to your participation in the auction.