Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Interlocking burr puzzle Reza 12-20 on eBay Auction

We finally started selling the second puzzle "Reza 12-20" which is the shape of a puzzle based on a compound of dodecahedron and icosahedron. Reza 12-20 is made of Queensland silver ash (white) and Jarrah (dark brown).

This puzzle is difficult to solve and also it's difficult to make.
As a matter of course, we made a prototype of this puzzle. (The picture is shown below)
The prototype was made of pine and there are many marks on the ends, so it doesn't look good but you can play with this puzzle.

We don't think we will use the prototype, therefore we have decided to put it up for eBay auction. If you would like to play with this puzzle, this would be a good chance to get it. The starting price is AU$1.00 (postage excluded). Please take a look at the page of eBay.

eBay : Prototype Reza 12-20 - Interlocking burr puzzle