Wednesday, July 8, 2020

eBay Auction, shipping notice, new SD puzzle

It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. I hope you and your family are doing well during this difficult time.

We have received emails from puzzle lovers asking whether we have been doing well. Thank you very much for caring about us, we are pretty fine.

If you are registered to our newsletter, you may already know that we have started an eBay auction of Coin Case. If you have not yet registered to our newsletter, please follow the link below and complete the subscription.

Pluredro Newsletter

About the eBay auction
We have put three of the 2nd grade Coin Cases up on eBay auction. Coin Case is the simplest puzzle box Juno has ever designed and the number of steps is small. If you are used to playing with puzzles, you can solve it within a minute. However, if you cannot find out the trick, it can take a lot longer to solve. There is one thing that I want to remind you of, Coin Case is NOT a sequential discovery puzzle. There are no tools contained to solve it.

The retail price of Coin Case is AUD $88.00. After finishing the auction, we are starting to sell product versions of Coin Case on Sunday 19th July 07:00 Brisbane time.

Parcel service impacts due to COVID-19
We have found a new notice at Australia Post updated on 2nd July. It says that we cannot ship parcels to some specific countries from Australia due to COVID-19 effect.

Please note that if we received an order from countries where we cannot dispatch a parcel now, we will keep the order until we are able to send it out. In that case, and then, we will notify you by email. Please do not hesitate to place an order as usual if you would like to purchase our puzzle products.

New SD puzzle
We are sometimes asked when we are going to release a new sequential discovery puzzle. I can only say that it will take a long time to be completed because the puzzle consists of lots of small parts and intensive, time consuming CNC machining is required. Juno does not want to say much about uncompleted projects so, please be patient and wait for the updates notified by the newsletter.

The new SD puzzle does really have lots of tricks and steps. Some of the steps are very uncommon and unusual. It is going to be the puzzle that has the most number of tools used among our sequential discovery puzzles, full of fun and amazement.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Temporary Shop Closure

Hi puzzle lovers, how have you been?
Juno and I are good as always.

Probably, some people may have already noticed that we are temporarily closing our online shop and our eBay shop. It's just a temporary closing due to the diminution of international/domestic flights. For example, Qantas has decided to cut 90% of international flights. We still can ship parcels, but it might cause some issues like a delay or a missing parcel which we want to avoid. Therefore, we have decided to close our shop for a while. We will open our shop as soon as possible when the logistics return to normal.

Having said that, we are at home and are making puzzles as usual (a bit slower pace though), so, please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry.

We have been making three kinds of puzzles, a small puzzle box, a burr puzzle and a big sequential discovery puzzle. While this situation is going on, we are making puzzles at home and preparing for the day of selling puzzles. When there is news from us, we will notify you sending our newsletter or write about it on this blog and our website. If you have not yet registered to our newsletter, please join it.

We hope you all have healthy days and keep yourselves safe.

Pluredro Newsletter:

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Pinned Framed Burr, 16th Auction Results

We have started selling three kinds of Pinned Framed Burrs 16th February at 07:00 Brisbane time.

Each one consists of five pieces including the frame and the required moves for the first pieces are 149, 50 and 40. Juno tried to use up roughly dressed Burmese Teak of about 15 mm thickness in our timber stock and designed the puzzles to suit the stock of timber.

We have put up a prototype and a PNG Rosewood versions of Pinned Framed Burr on eBay auction and both winning bids became higher than the price of the product version.

 The sales results are as follows:

Pinned Framed Burr L (Prototype): $153.00
Pinned Framed Burr L (PNG Rosewood) $152.50
Total: $305.50

This time, we have donated half of the sales amount $153.00 to Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund to support wild animals endangered by the long lasted bushfires in Australia. Here is the transaction records of the donation next.

Thank you for puzzle lovers who have participated in the eBay auction.