Saturday, January 8, 2022

EPP 2021

We have received a good news this morning. Our Sequential Discovery Cubed Box was selected as the most coveted puzzle of the year 2021.

World renowned mechanical puzzle collector and designer Peter Hajek has been organizing the End-of-the-year Puzzle Party, and collecting votes from enthusiastic puzzle collectors to chose the most coveted puzzle of the year.

Our product Slammed Car won the top vote in 2019, SDBB Master in 2020, and Sequential Discovery Cubed Box in 2021. It is a great honor to receive such worldwide support, and we will continue our efforts to create puzzles that will bring fun and joy to puzzle lovers.

We would like to say thank you to Peter who gladly agreed to post about EPP and also use the cover images.

Here is a brief introduction to each of the three puzzles.

Slammed Car (Top vote in 2019)

The puzzle also won the Jury Grand Prize at the 2019 Puzzle Design CompetitionOne of our new toys played an important role in the production of this puzzle.

SDBB Master (Top vote in 2020)

Juno's idea of a six piece burr with six compartments has come to fruition. The puzzle hold a kind of small charm, it has the shape of infinity, in the last compartment.

Sequential Discovery Cubed Box (Top vote in 2021)

We didn't think that the puzzle attract so much interest compared to the other two, so it was unexpected, happy surprise to us knowing many people liked it.

As you will notice, all the three are categorized as sequential discovery puzzles. We are working on the next sequential discovery puzzle, so let's see what the results will be in 2022.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Looking Back to 2021

Hello puzzle lovers!

There is only less than a month left this year.
We are working on new puzzles, but they are hard to be completed this year, so our next puzzles will be released in 2022. We will notify you when they are ready by sending a newsletter.

So, as usual, let's look back on what we released in 2021.
In total, we have produced 10 puzzles this year.

In March, we released these three puzzles. Most of our puzzles are difficult to solve, but I think Bumpy Pentominoes is the one that can be played easily and enjoyed by everyone for a challenge.

6BB Oddly Extended Version #01
Floating Framed Burr
Bumpy Pentominoes

In May, we released these two puzzles.

6 Board Burr 5x8 #02
Beauy Kruse

In July, we released a sequential discovery puzzle. This puzzle looks like an ordinary cube, but it contains some tools and some mechanism that trick you.

Sequential Discovery Cubed Box

In October, we released these four puzzles. Grooved 6 Board Burrs are a type of puzzle that Juno has been working on and this time, it finally reached No.5 and No.6. I am not sure whether he is going to make No.7. Probably, he is.

Grooved 6 Board Burr #5
Grooved 6 Board Burr #6
Plumply 12

We will make enjoyable puzzles that can make puzzle lovers happy next year too.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season from Juno and Yukari.

Friday, October 8, 2021

21st Auction Results

We held an eBay auction and it ended on 2nd October. This time, we put up 4 kinds of puzzles for a total of 7 puzzles. The winning bids are as follows:

  • Grooved 6 Board Burr #5 (2nd grade 1 of 2) AUD $88.00
  • Grooved 6 Board Burr #5 (2nd grade 2 of 2) AUD $97.00
  • Grooved 6 Board Burr #6 (2nd grade) AUD $91.00
  • Bubinburr (2nd grade) AUD 81.00
  • Grooved 6 Board Burr #6 (Pine version) AUD $65.00
  • Level 5 Board Burr (2 of 2) AUD $73.00
  • Level 5 Board Burr (1 of 2) AUD $94.00

The total sales amount was AUD $589.00 and as we promised, we have donated about half of the total sales amount. It was AUD $294.50, so we rounded it up and donated AUD $300.00 to AWLQ on Tuesday. Here is the receipt.

Actually, there has been technical issues with our eBay account that prevented us from receiving payment via eBay, but anyway, it was a good excuse to meet fluffy friends at the animal shelter, so we headed to the nearest AWLQ.

There were only three cats. They seemed to be having too much time on their paws and we were welcomed.

I heard many people adopted dogs and cats after lockdown started. Therefore, there weren't many dogs and cats at the facility. I hope those people who adopted pets during the lockdown won't abandon their pets because the lockdown is now over.