Sunday, August 6, 2023

Scramb L

Our latest offering for sale is Scramb L. As you can tell from the similar name, it shares a basic concept with Strugg L, a puzzle we released in May. In Scramb L, the pieces housed within the box are designed to have a more dynamic movement.

To preserve the joy and surprise when holding the puzzle, we have not released images of the pieces that make up the puzzle. We hope that those who play with Scramb L will experience an "aha!" moment, and that would bring us great happiness.

Today, on the day of the puzzle's release, there have been rumors that many puzzle enthusiasts are currently traveling in the Middle East. Anticipating that some of our long-time customers might be among them, we decided to schedule the release of Scramb L for a later time than usual  considering their time zone. Additionally, to ensure that those traveling in the Middle East don't miss the opportunity to purchase the puzzle, we conducted a pre-sale exclusively for them. While it is uncertain if we will be able to offer pre-sales for future puzzles due to the extensive effort involved, we are committed to exploring ways within our capabilities to satisfy the preferences of many mechanical puzzle enthusiasts.

Happy Puzzling!



Sunday, June 18, 2023

It's Time to Launch Our New Sequential Discovery Puzzle, "Dial Case"

Today, we started selling our new sequential discovery puzzle, "Dial Case."
Before selling it today, we accepted priority sale for people with at least three Pluredro sequential discovery puzzles.

The priority sale was our first attempt, and there were some things that we didn't expect. Some people thought Big Ben was our product, but unfortunately, it was the puzzle used as the exchange puzzle at the International Puzzle Party by Mr Puzzle (Brian Young). Although it was designed by Juno, 3D printed version of Slammed Car was not counted as our product.

There were more surprising things that happened. As many of you may recall, we only provided a description of the puzzle on the Dial Case page. At that time, there was no Add to Cart button to place an order. Even then some guys somehow placed an order. How did they do it? In any case, the conditions were not met, and the mystery orders were cancelled and they were asked to buy them on the 18th. (We later found out how this happened.)

There were many things that we didn't expect, but we appreciated a lot of people applying. Thank you.

Juno and I hope puzzle lovers will have an enjoyable time with Dial Case.


Sunday, May 7, 2023

Strugg L and 28th Auction Puzzle Results

Strugg L is the third puzzle we will release this year. It may seem slow that we have only released three types of puzzles despite it being already May, but we are working hard on puzzle making almost every day. The new puzzle is a box packing puzzle, which we haven't done for a while, but we believe it will also be well-liked by those who enjoy high-level burr puzzles. We are glad that you enjoy our new puzzle.

The 28th auction ended yesterday morning, and the total winning bid price for the two prototype puzzles we offered was AUD $796, which greatly exceeded our expectations.

As promised, we donated approximately half of the winning bid, AUD $400, to AWLQ. Here is the receipt for the donations.

When we donate to AWLQ, it's customary for us to meet the cats waiting for foster parents. In Australia, there has been an increase in the number of people giving up their pets due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and rising living costs, and many animal shelters are burdened with many animals waiting for foster homes.

We hope they will find a new, safe and secure place to accept them.