Thursday, January 31, 2019

Doable 12

Doable 12 is our fourth orthogonal 12-piece burr puzzle product and it seems to be the easiest one among them. Although it's still a very difficult puzzle, Juno says that it's doable to solve without computer aids.

So, what are the feature of the puzzle? As you see the perimeter of the puzzle pieces, it has diagonal and curved lines. Juno has modified the shape of the pieces and restricted the puzzle to have not only a unique solution but also a unique assembly. You can trace which piece goes where in the assembled shape of the puzzle observing the shape of the pieces. Then the remaining challenge is to find out how and in which order the pieces have to be assembled. The burr puzzle requires 14 moves to remove the first piece from the assembled shape. It's tough but doable. (I mean to some serious puzzle solvers.)

Our originally made plywood laminated American Black Walnut and European Beech is used for the puzzle to increase the durability of the puzzle. The pieces have a very nice texture and a smooth surface. The shape is cut by one of our CNC routers and all the sharp corners are rounded using a router table.

It is very time consuming to produce those plywoods, but Juno has already produced a different profile of plywood and he has been working on the next project. Two more kinds of 12-piece burr will be released in the near future and I hope that you enjoy these puzzles.