Wednesday, September 18, 2019

13th Puzzle Auction

This is our 13th puzzle auction on eBay and as usual, a half of the sales of the puzzle will be donated to a wildlife cause.

SDBBB - Sequential Discovery Board Burred Box
This is the test version of our next product that is going to be released soon after this auction.
The one on the auction is made of pine timber and our original plywood of American Rock Maple and Utile is used for the product version.

Juno's Checker Pentominoes
He designed this puzzle in 2016 to use off-cut timber efficiently. We have put three of them on the auction and all the three sets have different timber, American Black Walnut, Jarrah and Utile for the darker cubes. Making a 5 x 4 x 3 cuboid with all the twelve pieces is very difficult but even puzzle beginners can enjoy it.

American Black Walnut



We don't produce Juno's Checker Pentominoes as our regular product and this is the only opportunity that you can have the puzzle.