Sunday, December 24, 2023

Two New Puzzles and 30th Auction Puzzle Results

The latest products released at the end of 2023 were the Dual Meanders Box and the Gravitational Burr. The Dual Meanders Box is set to require 506 moves to open the box. By rearranging the maze panels, you can enjoy three additional challenges, each requiring 325, 367, and 410 moves, respectively. We consider the Gravitational Burr as a puzzle with a new concept. While there have been puzzles that contained balls in the past, there might not have been one that utilizes them in the way the Gravitational Burr does. We hope that both puzzles resonate well with you.

The 30th auction concluded successfully last morning, receiving numerous bids. The total winning bid amount reached AUD $2,067. The auction puzzles were said to be second grade or test versions, but the winning bids for all of them exceeded the price of the product version puzzles.

As promised, we have donated half of the proceeds, plus a small fraction, totaling AUD $1,035, to WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Inc.). This donation will be utilized to support wildlife conservation efforts.

Wishing you happy holidays and looking forward to an even better year ahead! Cheers!