Sunday, March 5, 2023

New Puzzles, 27th Auction Puzzle Results etc.

We have released new burr puzzles, Grooved 6 Board Burr #7 and 6BB Oddly Extended Version #02 along with small amount of 2nd grade 6BB Oddly Extended Version #01. Both new puzzles are extremely difficult, so you'll have plenty of time to have fun and struggle.

Our 27th puzzle auction event ended on 4th March. We put up the following ten puzzles.

The total sales amount was AUD $687. As promised, we donated half of the sales, AUD $350 to The Salvation Army Australia to support people who are in need. Here is the receipt for the donations.

We've been working on new SD puzzles for quite some time. All updates regarding the new SD puzzles will be released exclusively via the newsletter until the puzzle is ready for release, so if you are interested, please subscribe it via the right bottom of our shop page.

Happy Puzzling!