Monday, March 15, 2021

19th Auction Results and coming new puzzles

We held an eBay auction and it ended on 13th March.
This time, we had put 2 kinds, a total of puzzles of 5 puzzles.

6BB Oddly Extended Version #01 (2nd grade) x3
6BB Oddly Extended Version #01 (Pine test version) x1
Floating Framed Burr (2nd grade) x1
Total sold amount: AUD $322.24
Donated amount: AUD $165.00

The total sales amount was AUD $322.24 and as we promised, we donated about half of the total sales amount AUD $165.00 to BirdLife Australia on Sunday.
Here is the receipt (right bottom).

The product version of 6BB OEV #01 was sold out in a day which means there are no stock of our original plywood puzzles. Well, don't worry. Juno thought something like this might happen, he has made lots of original plywood. He has already started making the next burr puzzles.

If you are a sequential discovery puzzle lover, probably you would like to know when you will be able to get the next one. We are still working on it and cannot tell when they will be available. We will send our newsletter as soon as they are ready for sale. If you haven't registered for our newsletter, please join!


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

19th puzzle auction and 3 new puzzles

We have put five puzzles, 6BB OEV #01 (2nd grade and test version), and 2nd grade Floating Framed Burr up for auction on eBay! A half of the sales of the puzzle will be donated to BirdLife Australia to save a future for our native birds in Australia.

We are starting to sell the new puzzles on 13th March at 07:00 Brisbane time.

6BB Oddly Extended Version #01 is a level 19-11-4-2 board burr made of our original plywood.

Bumpy Pentominoes is one of Juno's old design and the puzzle is also recommended to small kids.

Floating Framed Burr is a relatively easy puzzle among our products but it still requires tricky 16 moves to remove the first piece from the assembled shape.

We look forward to your participation in the auction.