Monday, July 22, 2019

New burr puzzles and 11th auction results

We have released three new burr puzzle products Samarium, Diabolic Claw Burr and Impenetrable Knot. All of them are made and CNC machined from our original plywood to keep durability, strength and accuracy of the puzzle pieces. Please have a look at the detail of each puzzles, and hope you like them.

We recently have held puzzle auctions and the winning bit price were as follows.

Samarium - 62 moves burr (test version)  AU $49.00
Impenetrable Knot (test version)  AU $107.50
6 Broad Board Burr (1 of 2) AU $152.50
6 Broad Board Burr (2 of 2) AU $71.00
Total: AU $380.00

We often went to AWLQ for donation but today, Juno found that there are more than 60 cats at the RSPCA Brisbane and he insisted we should go there. So we went there, met fluffy friends and donated a half amount of the sold price of the auction. We couldn't receive an official receipt for the donation today, so we will scan and upload the proof later on this blog entry.

We finally received the receipt from RSPCA today.
(Edited on 29th July 2019)


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

11th Puzzle Auction

We have put three kinds, four puzzles up for auction on eBay! Every puzzle starts from $1.00 AUD!

As usual, we are going to donate half of the sold amount of this auction to support stray, surrendered pets and wildlife. We haven't decided where to donate but we will later report to you on this blog after the donation.

6 Broad Board Burr (two on the back)
This 28 moves burr puzzle was designed and made by Juno in 2019 but after he produced three sets of them using the CNC router, he decided to make no more. We decide to keep one for reference and thus we have only two of them to sell.

Samarium (front left)
This puzzle requires 62 moves to take the first piece apart from the assembled shape. We will later start selling our regular product version made of our original plywood.

Impenetrable Knot (front right)
Puzzle solving computer program will probably say that there is no possible solution to the puzzle. Yes, it's impenetrable to solve the puzzle by ordinary approaches. We will later start selling our regular product version made of our original plywood.

We are looking forward to having you participate in the auctions.