Monday, May 16, 2022

23rd Puzzle Auction Results etc.

Our 23rd puzzle auction event has ended on 15th May. We put 10 Pine versions of Mittan puzzles up for auction this time and the total sales amount reached stunning AUD $10,352! Thank you for your bids. Here the captured image of the auction results.

To donate a half of the sales amount, we were excited and headed to the animal shelter. It is easier to donate online, but by doing it in person, we have a good excuse to meet our fluffy friends at the animal shelter.

There were lots more cats waiting for their permanent family at the animal shelter compared to the beginning of the pandemic. 

We played with them, donated the money raised at the auction, and went home. Here is the receipt of the donation.

Product versions of Mittan puzzle will be available very soon. The auction results and the interest we have received indicate that the puzzles may sell out quickly. Please refer to the store's top page for tips on how to speed up the purchase process so that you can get your favorite color of Mittan puzzle on the day of release.


Sunday, May 8, 2022

New SD Puzzle, "Mittan" and 23rd Auction

Juno and I know many people love sequential discovery puzzles (from now on, this is called "SD puzzle"). We have been working hard on our new SD puzzle, yet it has been a long time to accomplish it. Now, we finally finished making our new SD puzzle: Mittan.

We are going to release Mittan on our Pluredro Shop on Sunday 22nd May 06:00 (A.M.) Brisbane time. Please visit the next "Upcoming puzzles" page for information about our new puzzle. The puzzle information on this page will be available until shortly before the puzzles are released.

You may wonder what Mittan is. Mittan is our beloved ginger cat that was brought from Japan. Her paws looked like mittens, and her foster mother named her Mittan that sounds almost like a Japanese-speaking English mittens. People who know about cats well tend to assume Mittan is a male cat, but Mittan is female. Male ginger cats are more common than female cats; roughly three males to one female ginger cat. She was a stray cat in Fuji city, where there is a famous mountain, Mt. Fuji. A friend of mine rescued her, and after that, we adopted her in 2009. We had some difficulties bringing her and other cats from Japan to Australia. She had to stay in quarantine for one month. Here are some pictures of Mittan.

We thought that we had produced many geometric designs of SD puzzles, and it is probably a good opportunity to make something of a concrete design. That is why Juno had decided to make a cat puzzle. Juno tried to imitate Mittan's face as much as possible. I believe the puzzle looks like Mittan; well, what do you think? The face of Mittan puzzle is made with Zebrano. I think Zebrano is a very suitable material for describing a pattern of a ginger cat. (or should we have made a zebra instead?)

Mittan loves to eat fish. So, the final cavity contains a small figure of Taiyaki. Taiyaki is a Japanese traditional fish-shaped cake filled with azuki sweet red bean paste.

We have put ten Pine versions of Mittan puzzle, on the eBay auction. A half of the sales of the puzzle will be donated to the AWLQ (Animal Welfare League Queensland) to save stray and surrendered pets, especially our fluffy friends.

Juno, Mittan and I hope you will enjoy the puzzle!

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Bubble Universe

The puzzle, Bubble Universe, has started selling today. This is a puzzle to pack all the pieces into a tray. The tray has two concave sides, one circular and one square.

I have played with both sides, and I would say either side was difficult for me. The pieces seemed to fit into the tray, but they did not. In the end, I wondered if there was an answer. Believe it or not, there is. I do not know how many solutions there are. Maybe, you will find them.

People tend to think that three-dimensional puzzles are more complex than two-dimensional puzzles. Generally speaking, it may be true, but this puzzle is not easy. Do not underestimate this puzzle.


Monday, February 21, 2022

22nd Auction Results, new puzzles etc.

We held an eBay auction, and it successfully ended on 19th February. This time, we had put 2 kinds of puzzles in total 5 puzzles. The sales results are as follows:

The total sales amount was AUD $407.69, so we rounded it up and donated AUD $204.00 to Save The Bilby Fund.
Here is the receipt.

We have started selling our new puzzles, Splitted 12, and Puzzle Turbine on Saturday. Both puzzles are of a very high level, requiring many moves to remove the first piece from the assembled figure. Splitted 12 has unique level 17-22 solution and Puzzle Turbine has unique level 38 solution.

Recently I have heard the sad news that Koalas are listed as an endangered species on the Australian east coast. I wanted to help them and sowed several Eucalyptus seeds last month. Unfortunately, it seemed like I did something wrong, only one could germinate. This is a Eucalyptus tereticornis, commonly known as Blue Gum, one of Koala's favorite trees. Yes, the same as us, Koalas have their favorite tastes.

We know there is a type of puzzle that is the favorite of most puzzle lovers. We are producing new sequential discovery puzzles with great care now. It will still take some time to complete. So, please wait until we release our newsletter.


Monday, February 14, 2022

IPP Competition Results, PuzzleAuction, etc.

The Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition held by the International Puzzle Party annually announced the results at 1:00 a.m. Brisbane time today. Honorably, our puzzle, "Sequential Discovery Cubed Box," won a double award, the Puzzlers' Award and the Jury Grand Prize.

We are privileged to receive the awards and most grateful to the puzzle lovers for giving us a chance. Thank you so much.

We will continue to do our best to produce puzzles that make people feel fun and give an essence of the Aha moment.

I was going to write about the auction this time that is going on at eBay now. So, here goes the main part.

Pluredro eBay Auction

There are two kinds of puzzles for a total of five puzzles. As usual, we will donate half of the total sales amount to Save The Bilby Fund. Probably, the Bilby is not as well known as the Kangaroo and Koala. They are also marsupial. Foxes and feral cats that initially didn't habitat in Australia prey on them, and they are close to extinction. We hope that this donation will help to protect them.

We will release the two new puzzles after finishing the auction. If you would like to get the product version, please wait till 19th February.

We know there are lots of people who look forward to the next SD puzzle. We have been working hard to produce the SD puzzle, but it still takes significant time to complete. Sometimes we are asked when it will be complete, but we are unsure. We cannot say when it will become available until the very last moment of production.

Please look forward to it.


Saturday, January 8, 2022

EPP 2021

We have received a good news this morning. Our Sequential Discovery Cubed Box was selected as the most coveted puzzle of the year 2021.

World renowned mechanical puzzle collector and designer Peter Hajek has been organizing the End-of-the-year Puzzle Party, and collecting votes from enthusiastic puzzle collectors to chose the most coveted puzzle of the year.

Our product Slammed Car won the top vote in 2019, SDBB Master in 2020, and Sequential Discovery Cubed Box in 2021. It is a great honor to receive such worldwide support, and we will continue our efforts to create puzzles that will bring fun and joy to puzzle lovers.

We would like to say thank you to Peter who gladly agreed to post about EPP and also use the cover images.

Here is a brief introduction to each of the three puzzles.

Slammed Car (Top vote in 2019)

The puzzle also won the Jury Grand Prize at the 2019 Puzzle Design CompetitionOne of our new toys played an important role in the production of this puzzle.

SDBB Master (Top vote in 2020)

Juno's idea of a six piece burr with six compartments has come to fruition. The puzzle hold a kind of small charm, it has the shape of infinity, in the last compartment.

Sequential Discovery Cubed Box (Top vote in 2021)

We didn't think that the puzzle attract so much interest compared to the other two, so it was unexpected, happy surprise to us knowing many people liked it.

As you will notice, all the three are categorized as sequential discovery puzzles. We are working on the next sequential discovery puzzle, so let's see what the results will be in 2022.