Sunday, November 4, 2018

Great Grate Puzzle is on sale

The eBay puzzle auction has finished successfully and next is the time to start selling our new puzzle, the "Great Grate Puzzle."
A second grade Great Grate Puzzle was on the auction, so some of the readers might have seen pictures of it.

This is a puzzle that requires 32 moves to take the first piece apart from the assembled shape. There are only 32 possible assemblies for the puzzle and only one among them can be assembled. It looks a simple design, but I'm sure it is difficult to solve.

This puzzle was made from laminated plywood pieces. The number of puzzles is not many.

This is a type of puzzle I like. I like puzzles in which all the mechanism can be seen. I can scrutinize all the notches and it makes me think that it can be solved. In fact, most of the time what I thought that I was able to solve is a fantasy. Every time I grumble and mutter to myself, " What's this?", "What's wrong?", "Oops!" If I say, "Aha!" while I am playing, it is a high possibility to be solved.

I hope you enjoy playing with the Great Grate Puzzle.