Saturday, May 19, 2018

The 5th Auction Results

We held an eBay auction and it ended on 18th May.
This time, we had put 2 puzzles that had subtle imperfections.
The sales results are as follows:

Quarted Box:  AUD355.00
Alcyone:           AUD44.44

The total amount was AUD399.44. As we had promised, we donated half of the sales (AUD200.00 )to AWLQ (Animal Welfare League Queensland) to support dogs and cats today. Here is the receipt of the donation.

We thought that there are cats in the facility of the AWLQ Beenleigh Rehoming Centre, but there are no cats. It's nice that there are not many cats that are waiting for a foster family, but other AWLQ facilities have lots of cats, dogs, birds and farm animals. We hope our donation will be helpful for them.
These are pictures of fluffy friends that welcomed us today.

We are going to hold the same type of auction when we get puzzles with subtle flaws. I think this is a good chance to get a puzzle at a low price.

Every time we start an auction, we will send a newsletter. If you are interested in auctions or our new puzzle information, please join the Pluredro newsletter!

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