Sunday, September 27, 2020

18th Auction Results

We held  an eBay auction and it ended on 27th September.
The sales results are as follows:

SDBB Master (Pine Version, 1 of 3) AUD $1,201.00
SDBB Master (Pine Version, 2 of 3) AUD $1,175.00
SDBB Master (Pine Version, 3 of 3) AUD $1,310.00
SDBB Master (2nd Grade, 1 of 2) AUD $1,275.00
SDBB Master (2nd Grade, 2 of 2) AUD $1,426.00

Honestly, we did not expect the sales prices would go up such a high amount. The total sales amount was AUD $6,388.00. As we promised, we were going to donate half of the total sales amount AUD 3,193.50, but after checking the website, the amount we could donate was in AUD 10.00 increments. Therefore, we rounded it up and donated AUD $3,200.00 to Koala Hospital today. Here is the receipt.

We are very happy that we were able to raise lots of money to support the Australian iconic animal. I am also pleased to say that one of our customer said that he is going to donate to Koala Hospital as well. Thank you very much to helping the Koala and the organization.

Probably, everyone's interest this time is the product version of SDBB Master. We are going to sell them on 4th October at 07:00 am Brisbane time. The same as before, we have chosen the time, 07:00 in the morning (our time) because this time is when most of the world's customers are awake. Some of our customers scare that our web server might crash on the day of the release. If you are going to buy the puzzle at the time, please do not reload the web page every 2-3 seconds. If you help us to wait 30 seconds when the web page is very slow, it also increase your chance to purchase the puzzle not waiting extra an hour.

SDBB Master contains the most tools we have ever made which means a solver has to clear lots of hurdles to reach the goal. That also increased the mass weight of the puzzle a lot. The timber of the main part of the puzzle is made of PNG Rosewood. This timber has various colors; some are pale, some are brown, and some are reddish-orange, and we have tried to avoid having one puzzle of the same color, so we combined the puzzles.

We are going to get up early on 4th October and wait for you.