Monday, September 23, 2019

13th Auction Result and puzzle release timing

The auction we held ended on 21st September successfully.
The sales results are as follows:

SDBBB (Pine, test version): $405.00
Juno's Checker Pentominoes (American Black Walnut): $107.50
Juno's Checker Pentominoes (Jarrah): $112.50
Juno's Checker Pentominoes (Utile): $102.50
Total: $727.50

The total sales amount was AUD $727.50. It was the highest sales amount ever! The donation amount was AUD $365.00. We used to donate half of the sales to animal shelters, but this time we headed to a wildlife park with AUD $365.00 cash in hand. The park we chose was David Fleay Wildlife Park.

Here is the receipt.

It was a nice opportunity to say hello to Aussie animals, so we walked around the park. Australia has a variety of animals, some of them are very pretty and some of them are very dangerous.

Here is a representative of a dangerous creature; crocodile.

Here is an iconic cute animal; Koala.

This time, SDBBB was sold out very quickly. Honestly, we didn't expect them to be out of stock three hours after we started selling.
We feel sorry for people who live in Europe. For them, the release time was too early in the morning. Therefore, what we thought is, for example setting the release time of popular puzzles like sequential discovery puzzles or puzzle boxes at 7 am on Sunday morning in Brisbane, Australia time. If we started selling at 7 am, the time of other places would be as follows:

California: 14:00 Sat
New York: 17:00 Sat
London: 22:00 Sat
Frankfurt: 23:00 Sat
Paris: 23:00 Sat
Athens: 24:00 Sat

The time I indicated above might change depending on the season, so please make sure.

I think this is the best option to give a fair opportunity for most people. We will announce you the day and roughly the time of starting to sell puzzles by the newsletter and on our website. (Sorry, we don't use Facebook)

We are now making the next puzzle. I am very excited because the next one is my favorite type of puzzle. Please wait and see what is coming next.