Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The first puzzle in 2019: Chubby Crocodile

The first puzzle in 2019 is a unique look that we have never made. It's a crocodile! This is the first animal shaped puzzle for us.

As you see, it's chubby. There is a small cavity inside of its body. We have put one or two "something" inside and you will find it when you solve it.

The puzzle is not very difficult like other Juno's design puzzles, yet I'm sure it puzzles you. Why do I know it will puzzle you?
That's because I, myself, was puzzled by it even though I knew the inside structures.

The Chubby Crocodile has wavy lines. The straight edges are easy to sand, but wavy lines need manual work. Juno and I worked very hard to polish the puzzle both the flat surface and the edges. It's a bit hard to see by the pictures, but its skin is smooth and shiny unlike a real crocodile.

We are going to hold an eBay auction and will sell one Chubby Crocodile which is second grade and one of Juno's prototype puzzle someday soon.

When we start the auction, we will let you know by newsletter as usual. If you are not yet registered for our newsletter, please see the following page for registration.

We hope you will have a fun time with the puzzle of one of the animals representing Australia.