Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Looking back at 2018

Happy New Year to all!

Looking back to the year 2018, we think it was a busy year. We have produced 15 puzzles in a year.

Here are the puzzles and the release dates we have made.
The red asterisks are sold out puzzles as of today, and you can see them in the puzzle archive.

Jan.18 Mirii CFT - Burr puzzle (Nonorthogonal)

Feb.21 Ixia Box * - Puzzle box and sequential discovery

Mar.12 T-Slot Burr - Burr puzzle

May 7 Alcyon - Burr puzzle (Nonorthogonal)

May 7 Merope - Burr puzzle (Nonorthogonal)

May 7 Quartet Box * - Puzzle box

May 27 Heart Case * - Puzzle box and sequential discovery

Jul. 22 Mirii 6x4 - Burr puzzle (Nonorthogonal)

Aug. 1 Meanders Box - Secret puzzle box

Aug. 26 3D Shhriken - Burr puzzle

Oct. 12 Spade Case - Puzzle box

Oct. 12 Grooved 6 Board Burr #1 - Burr puzzle

Oct. 12 Tangled Clip Burr - Burr puzzle

Nov. 4 Great Grate Puzzle - Burr puzzle

Nov. 18 Sequential Discovery Burred Box * - Sequential discovery, burr and puzzle box

I (Yukari) personally like "Quartet Box" because I like cogs and like the unusual movements of "Quartet Box." If you have bought one, you may know what I mean. If I choose one puzzle from another point of view, I like Mirii CFT. It looks gorgeous and big, but it's a very difficult puzzle, so I use it for an ornament.

I have no idea what kind of puzzles we are making in 2019. At least I know the next puzzle we are going to release. I cannot write about the details yet, but it would be a unique look that we have never made before.

We are going to make fun puzzles as fun as last year's or maybe more.
Please keep your hopes up!

May this year bring new happiness, bring new puzzles and a lot of Aha moments in your puzzling life.