Sunday, May 19, 2024

Hugo the Hippo - a trick opening puzzle box

Although it's already the second half of May, we have finally been able to release our second puzzle of the year. The new product is a trick opening puzzle box called Hugo the Hippo, inspired by the shape of a hippopotamus.

Hugo the Hippo is a relatively simple puzzle, but it took a lot of time to produce. If we were to produce it in quantities similar to Mittan or Dial Case, it would take us an entire year to make just this puzzle, so the production quantity is limited. We hope that dedicated puzzle enthusiasts will enjoy this puzzle.

Hugo the Hippo required CNC machining from five different directions and numerous jigs just to process the top panel. However, thanks to this effort, we were able to achieve a visual effect where the hippo's eyes appear to be always looking at you, no matter which direction the hippo is facing. This is unrelated to the essence of the puzzle, but it is one of the things we, as the creators, are glad we did.

We will continue to take on new challenges. Please look forward to the puzzles we will create in the future.