Monday, February 21, 2022

22nd Auction Results, new puzzles etc.

We held an eBay auction, and it successfully ended on 19th February. This time, we had put 2 kinds of puzzles in total 5 puzzles. The sales results are as follows:

The total sales amount was AUD $407.69, so we rounded it up and donated AUD $204.00 to Save The Bilby Fund.
Here is the receipt.

We have started selling our new puzzles, Splitted 12, and Puzzle Turbine on Saturday. Both puzzles are of a very high level, requiring many moves to remove the first piece from the assembled figure. Splitted 12 has unique level 17-22 solution and Puzzle Turbine has unique level 38 solution.

Recently I have heard the sad news that Koalas are listed as an endangered species on the Australian east coast. I wanted to help them and sowed several Eucalyptus seeds last month. Unfortunately, it seemed like I did something wrong, only one could germinate. This is a Eucalyptus tereticornis, commonly known as Blue Gum, one of Koala's favorite trees. Yes, the same as us, Koalas have their favorite tastes.

We know there is a type of puzzle that is the favorite of most puzzle lovers. We are producing new sequential discovery puzzles with great care now. It will still take some time to complete. So, please wait until we release our newsletter.