Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The fourth puzzle auction results

The 4th auction of T-Slot Burr has ended on 12th March.
The results are as follows:
2nd Grade #1:AUD $66.00
2nd Grade #2:AUD $56.00
Prototype:AUD $49.00
Total:AUD $171.00

The total sales amount was AUD $171.00. As we promised, we donated a half of the sales price, AUD $85.50, to the local vet for treating wild animals and here is the receipt of the vet.

Unfortunately, the sick cockatoo that we had brought to the vet in January couldn't survive but the money we donated will be used for injured or sick wild animals.

We are now working on the next puzzle that contains unique functions that you have never seen before and .... sorry we cannot tell you about it yet.
But I'm sure that you will be smiling when you look at it, like a little cat mascot at reception at the vets.

Please look forward to seeing our new puzzle!

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