Friday, October 27, 2017

The new puzzle Reza 4-4 is on sale!

We have started selling one of the polyhedral puzzle series, Reza 4-4. Juno has made two polyhedral puzzles before; Reza 12-20 (Reza 12-20 were already sold out) and Reza 6-8, and Reza 4-4 is the smallest of the Reza family. There are three kinds of compounds of two regular polyhedra and now the Reza family covers all three.

Juno makes jigs every time he makes puzzles and this time he made five jigs just for this puzzle. When he made the jigs, he paid much attention to the orientation of the puzzle pieces placed on to the sled type jigs to minimize the chance of chipping off puzzle pieces.

The order to make checkouts was also important. He also considered the chirality of the assembled shape of the puzzle, right-handed or left-handed to match the leaning direction of the saw blade on the table saw because one chirality is more prone to chip outs compared to the others.

Polyhedral shaped puzzles sometimes become unstable and non self- sustaining when those are assembled. The puzzle pieces tend to come apart by the explosion type movement or coordinated motion. Reza 4-4 was the most difficult one to design the puzzle to be self-sustaining among the Reza family.

It is optional to make most consisting puzzle pieces identical in shape to make the assembled puzzle stable but he doesn't want to take that option because it spoils the fun of puzzles. He made the shapes of all the pieces of Reza 4-4 different and it gives you more fun to play with.

Reza 4-4 is now on sale.

  • Reza 6-8 – Polyhedral shape interlocking burr puzzle (QLD silver ash + American walnut)
  • Reza 6-8 – Polyhedral shape interlocking burr puzzle (QLD silver ash + Jarrah)