Monday, May 16, 2022

23rd Puzzle Auction Results etc.

Our 23rd puzzle auction event has ended on 15th May. We put 10 Pine versions of Mittan puzzles up for auction this time and the total sales amount reached stunning AUD $10,352! Thank you for your bids. Here the captured image of the auction results.

To donate a half of the sales amount, we were excited and headed to the animal shelter. It is easier to donate online, but by doing it in person, we have a good excuse to meet our fluffy friends at the animal shelter.

There were lots more cats waiting for their permanent family at the animal shelter compared to the beginning of the pandemic. 

We played with them, donated the money raised at the auction, and went home. Here is the receipt of the donation.

Product versions of Mittan puzzle will be available very soon. The auction results and the interest we have received indicate that the puzzles may sell out quickly. Please refer to the store's top page for tips on how to speed up the purchase process so that you can get your favorite color of Mittan puzzle on the day of release.