Monday, August 2, 2021

20th Auction Results, 2nd Chance to Purchase SDCB

Hello puzzle lovers!

20th auction results

We held an eBay auction and it ended on 1st August successfully. This time, we had put 2 second grade Sequential Discovery Cubed Box puzzles. The sales results are as follows:

Sequential Discovery Cubed Box (2nd grade 1 of 2) AUD $1,125.00

Sequential Discovery Cubed Box (2nd grade 2 of 2) AUD $1,126.00

As we promised, we have donated half of the total sales amount AUD $1,130.00 to Volunteering Queensland. Here is the receipt.

The 2nd chance to purchase Sequential Discovery Cubed Box

As we have announced before, we kept about ten SDCB puzzles that were not put on our web shop. We are going to sell the puzzles to the following people, so if you think one or more of the following conditions apply to you and you would like to purchase one at the regular price (AUD $480.00), please contact us until Sunday 15th August.

  1. You are an invitee of the IPP.
  2. You have met ant talked with Juno in person.
  3. You currently own more than 20 Pluredro products.

The person who is chosen to have an offer would receive an email from us but please understand that it might take another month or more before you hear from us since we are waiting for all the initially sold 140 puzzles safely reach our customers. We have already received lots of enquiry about the kept SDCB puzzles and we may not be able to reply to those who cannot purchase.

Please do not miss out this opportunity!