Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Meanders Box

We have started selling our new puzzle "Meanders Box."

After Juno finished making Heart Case, he started making Spade Case, but he soon realized the price of the puzzle will not be in the range of the other trump card series because of too much expected CNC work. There was no appropriate room to put spade mark on the box as well. He changed his initial plan and decided to continue making the puzzle as Meanders Box. (Please be assured, he has already been working on Spade Case.)

There are two types of Meanders Boxes. Both Meanders Boxes have very high level solutions and it requires 172 or 348 moves to fully disengage the grooved lid. The puzzle also has multiple challenges. By rotating or flipping the lid, there are four possible orientations and each orientation has a unique solution.

It is a very difficult puzzle indeed. Juno had no intention to remember the solution of the puzzle and decided to cheat by adding two screws on the bottom of the box to easily assemble or disassemble the box. If you are stranded in the same way as the meanders of a river, you can disassemble and reset the box.

Three kinds of timbers, Burmese Teak, Rose Alder and Silver Ash are used for the puzzle. Burmese Teak is beautiful and durable timber though it makes every woodworking blade dull very quickly. We decided to introduce a drum sander in our workshop to deal with the issue and the drum sander started working for the puzzle straight away. Maybe we can introduce our drum sander someday on this blog because Juno customized it a lot and you may be interested in what he has done for puzzle making jobs .

Meanders Box at Pluredro Shop

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mirii 6x4 - Polyhedral shape interlocking burr puzzle

We have started selling our new puzzle "Mirii 6x4."
This is our third version of the Mirii series polyhedral shape puzzle. This time, Juno has chosen six intersecting squares for the theme and has chosen all 15 possible shape pieces to be used for the 24 pieces burr puzzle.

The timbers which were used for Mirii 6x4 were PNG Rosewood, Koto and Jarrah from the left to the right on the image below. The edges of the pieces are all arrised. Even the insides of the checkouts are lightly sanded after the first coat.

The puzzle is very difficult but please be assured, we will provide you a very detailed step by step solution upon request. The solution will also tell you where to find good places to put rubber bands for temporary support to hold puzzle pieces.

During the production of the puzzle, Juno made a simple mistake for the quantity of the material and the number of the finished product doubled. He complained how many checkouts he had to make, how much sanding and arrising he had to be done. Yep, he is responsible to his mistake. We have more puzzles to sell than we planned but it is not yet a large quantity.

The puzzles on our online shop are all one-time productions and we won't make the same puzzles again. They are all limited products.
So, I believe that he won't make this puzzle in the future as well.

Happy puzzling everyone!

Friday, July 20, 2018

The 6th Auction Results

We held an eBay auction and it ended on 17th July.
This time, we had put 2 kinds of puzzles for 2 each, in total 4 puzzles.
One is "Mirii 6x4 pine version" and the other is "Mini 6 Board Burr #3."
The sales results are as follows:

Mirii 6x4 pine version #1 - AUD39.75
Mirii 6x4 pine version #2 - 44.00
Mini 6 Board Burr #3 - #1 - 26.00
Mini 6 Board Burr #3 - #2 - 26.00

The total amount was AUD135.75.

As we had promised, we went to the AWLQ (Animal Welfare League Queensland) and donated roughly half of the sales (AUD70.00) to support dogs and cats today. Here is the receipt of the donation.

We met some fluffy four-legged friends there. These are some pictures I took.

We live in the western hinterland of Gold Coast and don't go to Gold Coast often. So, we thought it's a good opportunity to go and see pelicans. There is a famous spot to see feeding pelicans in Gold Coast. These pelicans are all wild; the restaurant staff gives them fish offal at 13:30 every day and they know it and gather together.

Had a delicious lunch, saw pelicans and donated half of the sales of the auction, it was a lovely day.

We will soon sell the next puzzle.
Please look forward to it!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Two kinds, four puzzles to Auction

We have put two kinds, four puzzles up for auction on eBay! Every puzzle starts from $1.00 AUD!

As we have always done, we are going to donate half of the sales of this auction to the Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ).

We are looking forward to you joining our auction!

Mirii 4x6

Juno made this puzzle at the same time as our product version to make sure dimension, fitting and the solution of the puzzle. This puzzle is assembled with 24 pieces for becoming the form of six intersecting squares.

6 Board Burr #3

The puzzle is made by Yukari, one of the owner of Pluredro shop while the CNC router was not in use, and was ready to do some experiment as one of her hobby miniature making.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

New Puzzle: Heart Case Released!

We have produced two kinds of trump card series puzzles; Diamond Case and Club Case, and it's time for the next puzzle, Heart Case.

Heart Case is literally a heart-shaped puzzle box. To me, it looks like a small heart-shaped cake that has chocolate coating on the top. The size is not so big, but there is a room which can contain a ring or a necklace.

This puzzle is not difficult to solve. once you have solved it, it's easy to open and close again. So, in a sense, I think this puzzle is practical, you can keep something inside.

I personally, like one with a geometrical shape on the mechanism inside of the puzzle. Oh, I want to say it, but I cannot! If you are interested in geometry, and you succeed to open the puzzle, you will know what I mean.

I think this puzzle can be used as a gift box when you give someone a gift, like a ring. The shape of this puzzle is good for gifting to someone you love.
Therefore, Juno and I made a special option.

There are small parts inside. One of them has a brand mark "Juno" as we always have done. However, if you are going to use the puzzle as a gift box, this name might cause misunderstanding, you know? The situation that we worried about is described on the four-panel comic as below.

The names in the comic have no meaning, I have just chosen them from my favorite movie "Batman."

Well, we have no intention to thwart your romance and cannot bear the responsibility even if you are jilted. So, if you want to use it as a gift box, please let us know when you order the puzzle. Maybe we can somehow help you.


Heart Case at Pluredro Shop

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The 5th Auction Results

We held an eBay auction and it ended on 18th May.
This time, we had put 2 puzzles that had subtle imperfections.
The sales results are as follows:

Quarted Box:  AUD355.00
Alcyone:           AUD44.44

The total amount was AUD399.44. As we had promised, we donated half of the sales (AUD200.00 )to AWLQ (Animal Welfare League Queensland) to support dogs and cats today. Here is the receipt of the donation.

We thought that there are cats in the facility of the AWLQ Beenleigh Rehoming Centre, but there are no cats. It's nice that there are not many cats that are waiting for a foster family, but other AWLQ facilities have lots of cats, dogs, birds and farm animals. We hope our donation will be helpful for them.
These are pictures of fluffy friends that welcomed us today.

We are going to hold the same type of auction when we get puzzles with subtle flaws. I think this is a good chance to get a puzzle at a low price.

Every time we start an auction, we will send a newsletter. If you are interested in auctions or our new puzzle information, please join the Pluredro newsletter!

The details of registration is on the following page.

Pluredro Newsletter

Sunday, May 13, 2018

We have put two puzzles up for auction on eBay!

We started selling Alcyon, Merope and Quartet Box last Monday, but there are two puzzles that we hesitate to sell as products left. Both puzzles are new and fully operational to play with.

As we have always done, we are going to donate half of the sales of this auction to the Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ).

Both puzzles start from $1.00 AUD!
We are looking forward to you joining our auction!


This is a second grade Alcyon which has obvious chipout on the pieces.

Quartet Box

The gears of Quartet Box is made with eight kinds of timber, but there is one left that cannot be completed with eight colours.

Monday, May 7, 2018

3 New Puzzles on Sale!

We have started selling our three new puzzles!

One of the three is a trick opening puzzle box and we named it Quartet Box. You will be able to know why we named it "Quartet" if you play with it.
The other two puzzles are 6-piece interlocking burr puzzles, but they are non-orthogonal. The shape of these two look like a shining star, so we took names from the stars in the Pleiades star clusters, Alcyon and Merope.
Please take a look at each puzzle's details on our online shop pages.

While making three puzzles, some puzzles that we hesitate to sell as products remain.
The four gears of the production version of Quartet Box is made with eight kinds of timber, but there is one left that cannot be completed with eight colours.
There is also a second grade Alcyon which has obvious chipout on the pieces. Both of them can be played with no problem.

After a while, we are going to put them on eBay auction. As we have always done, we are going to donate half of the sales of this auction to the Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ). According to AWLQ, they maintained zero euthanasia by donation last year. We hope our little donation will be a help for them.

We will let you know about the auction on this blog and by our newsletter. If you have not registered for our newsletter, please take a look at the bottom left of our shop website.

Friday, April 13, 2018

My new blog has started

Today's topic isn't related to puzzles. This is my (Yukari's) personal advertising of a new blog which was started in late February. I was not going to tell anyone about my blog but when nearly two months passed, I realized that my blog is like making a speech on top of Mt. Everest, no one can notice me. So, I have decided to introduce my blog here.

I have started the blog for improving my English ability and I wanted to write about what I'm interested in. The title is "Random thoughts with my puzzle sense." I know it's too long for the blog title and people who are SEO professionals wouldn't say this is good. Lots of people are using "Random thoughts" for their blog title and, I wanted to use the word "puzzle" in the title. As a result, it ended up like this.

I'm not a scientist but sometimes I pick up a topic which is related to science. Therefore, if scientists read my blog, they might think I'm writing stupid things. For example, one of my blog posts is "Do scientists invite total strangers to their home?" This is totally a lay opinion but personally I like this. My blog is not always written about puzzles but if you are a person who has puzzle sense, it might amuse you. Please take a look.


Random thoughts with my puzzle sense:

P.S. Juno is currently making new puzzle. Please look forward to it!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The fourth puzzle auction results

The 4th auction of T-Slot Burr has ended on 12th March.
The results are as follows:
2nd Grade #1:AUD $66.00
2nd Grade #2:AUD $56.00
Prototype:AUD $49.00
Total:AUD $171.00

The total sales amount was AUD $171.00. As we promised, we donated a half of the sales price, AUD $85.50, to the local vet for treating wild animals and here is the receipt of the vet.

Unfortunately, the sick cockatoo that we had brought to the vet in January couldn't survive but the money we donated will be used for injured or sick wild animals.

We are now working on the next puzzle that contains unique functions that you have never seen before and .... sorry we cannot tell you about it yet.
But I'm sure that you will be smiling when you look at it, like a little cat mascot at reception at the vets.

Please look forward to seeing our new puzzle!

Pluredro Online shop: T-Slot Burr

Monday, March 12, 2018

T-Slot Burr on sale

We have started selling our new puzzle "T-Slot Burr."

We haven't released rectilinear interlocking burr puzzles for a while maybe because our brand name, Pluredro (Esperanto), means polyhedron in English and Juno is eager to produce polyhedral shape puzzles. We also released a couple of puzzle boxes after the production of Visible Framed Burr, so maybe it is time to release another traditional burr puzzle.

T-Slot Burr is based on a cubicle grid, and by the restriction of the combination of t-slots and t-rails, each piece moves in a linear motion following X, Y and Z axis. I mentioned it as being "traditional", but the T-Slot Burr has a very characteristic assembled shape because of the external grooves on the pieces. Unlike some very talented puzzle solvers, for example, someone like Derek Bosch, most people cannot memorize the complicated three-dimensional shapes in their mind and move puzzle pieces around in the brain. So, Juno decided to make grooves not only on the inside of the puzzle pieces but also on the outside of the puzzle pieces to help visualize the structure of the puzzle. Now the assembled shape of the puzzles resembles an electric circuit, a neural network and so on.

T-Slot Burr has a unique level 18-8-1-1-3 solution. Juno designed a lower-level puzzle in his mind and arranged it and made it have more complex solutions using computer aid, especially by Burr Tools. It may not be difficult to disassemble the puzzle, but assembling the puzzle is very challenging.

Happy puzzling everyone! 

T-Slot Burr at Pluredro Shop

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

T-Slot Burr to Auction

We have put three puzzles up for auction on eBay!

Every puzzle starts from $1.00 AUD! Please note that the product price that is going to sell in our online shop after the auction will be 120.00 AUD.

Please have a look at the Pluredro eBay shop and join the auctions.

We will soon start selling level 18-8-1-1-3 T-Slot Burr puzzle. During the production of the puzzle, we had a few puzzles that we were reluctant to sell at a fixed price because of some imperfections even though all of them were fully functional to play with. So, we decided to put those puzzles on auction. Here are the brief notes for the three puzzles below.

2nd grade #1
A part of the puzzle pieces are sapwood and the surface of the pieces is slightly rough compared to the normal version.

2nd grade #2
Juno made mistakes when he made a couple of drill holes for the screws and he needed to fill those holes using bamboo skewers. The total quality of this puzzle is better than #1.

This prototype doesn't have any featured decoration grooves on the outer surface of the pieces. Quality of timber and finishing are not good as two of the 2nd grade ones.

As we have always done, we are going to donate a half of the sales of this auction. We used to donate to an animal shelter but this time we are going to donate for a wildlife cause.

In late January this year, we found a sulphur-crested cockatoo in the backyard and it looked very weak. It kept still on the ground.

Next day, we saw the same sulphur-crested cockatoo sitting just in front of the kitchen window and it looked like it could barely balance and stand on the lawn. So, we took him to the local vet and the vet said that wild animals can be treated by donations.

Therefore, we have decided to donate some money to the local vet for helping injured or sick wild animals. We will show you the result after we donate on this blog someday.

T-Slot Burr Auction on eBay

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ixia Box on sale!

We have released the new puzzle "Ixia Box" on our online shop!

If you have seen our previous secret box type puzzles: Diamond Case and Club Case, you may have expected Heart or Spade cases for the next. However, this time, Juno designed a puzzle on an Ixia flower motif. The Ixia has a beautiful shape of six-fold symmetry.

Ixia Box is more fit to be called a sequential discovery puzzle rather than a secret-opening puzzle box. Juno designed it so that you are able to see a hint for the next step while you are playing.

Ixia Box is made with lots of kind timber. The main body is made of Papua New Guinea Rosewood and Jarrah, the side decoration panel is Ebony, and the inner parts are Util and Bubinga (Sapwood). On the top of the box, there are two flowers, one is a two-coloured flower and another one is a three-coloured flower. The two-coloured flower is made with Jarrah (dark petals) and Koto (light colour petals), the three-coloured flower is made with Jarrah (slightly light colour of ordinary Jarrah), Koto (light colour petals) and Queensland Maple (brown).

This puzzle is made with not only timber but there are lots of metal parts inside. It also contains dense timber, so when you hold it, you will feel a substantial volume.

In the process of manufacturing the Ixia Box, the CNC router was hugely successful. There are several parts that couldn't be made accurately without using the CNC router such as the shape of an Ixia flower. To make one Ixia Box, it took about several hours running the CNC router. There was more production process which needed time; therefore, Juno started making the Ixia Box in December 2017 and it took about three months to finish it.

We are now very happy to finish making the Ixia Box and waiting for you enjoy it!