Tuesday, July 4, 2017

New Puzzle "Pisa #2 + Cubin Burr"

Pluredro has started selling the new puzzle "Pisa #2 + Cubin Burr."

"Pisa #2 + Cubin Burr" is the 10th puzzle of our products. This puzzle is comprised of two puzzles, one is "Pisa #2" and the other is "Cubin Burr".

At first, Juno was going to make boxes for "Penta Cuboid" that is selling on the online shop now. He had started making the boxes for "Penta Cuboid" at the end of 2016 but found out that "Penta Cuboid" would come apart inside "Cubin Burr" and it wasn't good. He needed to design a box that can keep its shape when the puzzle is assembled. Then, he designed a new box, the "T-groove box."

So, there are "Cubin Burr" boxes left without anything to be packed.

Juno considered and designed a new puzzle for being packed inside "Cubin Burr." It's "Pisa #2."

He designed "Pisa" in 1994 and "Pisa #2" is a new version.
Both puzzles, "Pisa #2" and "Cubin Burr," have unique solutions.

There are lots of difficult puzzles that were designed by Juno but compared with other puzzles, these puzzles are not so difficult, I think. However, they are not easy.

When I tried "Pisa #2" for the first time, I assembled 7 pieces out of 8 but the last one couldn't fit. It happened many times. I assembled 7 pieces and noticed that I failed. How vexing!
There are only 8 pieces with a simple design but it's not as easy as it looks. Maybe if you are lucky enough, you may solve it in 30 minutes or if you are not so lucky, you may need a day or more.

Juno says that he added a white line on the burr. I think this line makes the puzzle look good. This white timber is Silver Ash (It is named Ash but this tree belongs to the Citrus plant family) and the brown timber on "Cubin Burr" is Blackbean.

I hope that "Pisa #2 + Cubin Burr" will bring you a lot of fun.

"Pisa #2 + Cubin Burr" is available on our website.


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Juno's First Secret Box Puzzle "Framed Burr Box"

Looking back at the past puzzle design of Juno's, there were no secret box puzzles at that time, so it seems that he came up with the idea of making a secret box type puzzle. While he was thinking of the design of the secret box puzzle, he got the idea of integrating a framed burr puzzle with the secret box.

He designed the first Framed Burr Puzzle in 1991. Since then, several people have designed and made Framed Burr types of puzzle but Juno hadn't designed many. Maybe now is the time to use the idea of the Framed Burr.

It was around March of this year that Juno started making the "Framed Burr Box." In the beginning, he didn't intend to make the puzzle complex and he just thought that using a framed burr as a lid of the puzzle box would be enough but after for a while he changed his mind and kept adding more tricks to open and disassemble the box.
The burr puzzle, which is on top of the box is, so to speak, the first challenge of the puzzle. There are two more challenges to the puzzle, which are different types to the first one.

We use a CNC Router often, but this time, it played a very important role in producing the puzzle. Juno used a CNC Router quite often, milling the name of the puzzle on top of the puzzle and making parts as shown in the picture below.

One day, I received a bill from the electric company and I was surprised to see that the bill amount had suddenly increased! Then I realized it was because Juno had been using the CNC Router all the time. Roughly, it required three hours of CNC work to make one Framed Burr Box. No wonder it cost a lot.

Well, I personally love this puzzle because usually a secret box puzzle has only a small space inside, which can contain only tiny things. I know it's a puzzle not an ordinary box but it's nice to have a larger space, you know? The size of the space in this puzzle box is larger than ordinary ones, and you can even keep a 5x5x5 professor Rubik's Cube inside.

Juno has made 20 Framed Burr Boxes, and he says that he is not going to make any more Framed Burr Boxes, so this is the first and last time. Honestly, even with an aid of the CNC Router, this puzzle was assembled with lots of parts, which have many delicate cutouts and shapes processed by various wood machinery, and I can understand it's hard to make them again.

I'm very happy that the Framed Burr Box has been finished, and I hope that the Framed Burr Box will bring a lot of fun to puzzle lovers.

* Pluredro online shop: Framed Burr Box


Sunday, June 11, 2017

New Puzzle "Penta Cuboid + T-groove Box" Released

We have started selling Juno's design new puzzle "Penta Cuboid + T-groove Box" on our online shop.

It looks like the puzzle that most puzzle lovers feel familiar with but it's different. It has only one solution. It will take at least an hour to solve the puzzle even if you are lucky and very talented.

This puzzle is configured with two puzzles. One is a small twelve pieces and the other one is six board which will be a box to contain the twelve pieces. You are able to enjoy two puzzles in one!