Friday, April 13, 2018

My new blog has started

Today's topic isn't related to puzzles. This is my (Yukari's) personal advertising of a new blog which was started in late February. I was not going to tell anyone about my blog but when nearly two months passed, I realized that my blog is like making a speech on top of Mt. Everest, no one can notice me. So, I have decided to introduce my blog here.

I have started the blog for improving my English ability and I wanted to write about what I'm interested in. The title is "Random thoughts with my puzzle sense." I know it's too long for the blog title and people who are SEO professionals wouldn't say this is good. Lots of people are using "Random thoughts" for their blog title and, I wanted to use the word "puzzle" in the title. As a result, it ended up like this.

I'm not a scientist but sometimes I pick up a topic which is related to science. Therefore, if scientists read my blog, they might think I'm writing stupid things. For example, one of my blog posts is "Do scientists invite total strangers to their home?" This is totally a lay opinion but personally I like this. My blog is not always written about puzzles but if you are a person who has puzzle sense, it might amuse you. Please take a look.


Random thoughts with my puzzle sense:

P.S. Juno is currently making new puzzle. Please look forward to it!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The fourth puzzle auction results

The 4th auction of T-Slot Burr has ended on 12th March.
The results are as follows:
2nd Grade #1:AUD $66.00
2nd Grade #2:AUD $56.00
Prototype:AUD $49.00
Total:AUD $171.00

The total sales amount was AUD $171.00. As we promised, we donated a half of the sales price, AUD $85.50, to the local vet for treating wild animals and here is the receipt of the vet.

Unfortunately, the sick cockatoo that we had brought to the vet in January couldn't survive but the money we donated will be used for injured or sick wild animals.

We are now working on the next puzzle that contains unique functions that you have never seen before and .... sorry we cannot tell you about it yet.
But I'm sure that you will be smiling when you look at it, like a little cat mascot at reception at the vets.

Please look forward to seeing our new puzzle!

Pluredro Online shop: T-Slot Burr

Monday, March 12, 2018

T-Slot Burr on sale

We have started selling our new puzzle "T-Slot Burr."

We haven't released rectilinear interlocking burr puzzles for a while maybe because our brand name, Pluredro (Esperanto), means polyhedron in English and Juno is eager to produce polyhedral shape puzzles. We also released a couple of puzzle boxes after the production of Visible Framed Burr, so maybe it is time to release another traditional burr puzzle.

T-Slot Burr is based on a cubicle grid, and by the restriction of the combination of t-slots and t-rails, each piece moves in a linear motion following X, Y and Z axis. I mentioned it as being "traditional", but the T-Slot Burr has a very characteristic assembled shape because of the external grooves on the pieces. Unlike some very talented puzzle solvers, for example, someone like Derek Bosch, most people cannot memorize the complicated three-dimensional shapes in their mind and move puzzle pieces around in the brain. So, Juno decided to make grooves not only on the inside of the puzzle pieces but also on the outside of the puzzle pieces to help visualize the structure of the puzzle. Now the assembled shape of the puzzles resembles an electric circuit, a neural network and so on.

T-Slot Burr has a unique level 18-8-1-1-3 solution. Juno designed a lower-level puzzle in his mind and arranged it and made it have more complex solutions using computer aid, especially by Burr Tools. It may not be difficult to disassemble the puzzle, but assembling the puzzle is very challenging.

Happy puzzling everyone! 

T-Slot Burr at Pluredro Shop