Friday, October 6, 2017

The Auction of "A Mazing Burr" Ended

Our 2nd auction event has ended. This time we had put 3 puzzles that had subtle imperfections on eBay. The results are as follows:

Puzzle #1: AUD $51.00
Puzzle #2: AUD $48.00
Puzzle #3: AUD $50.45

As we had promised, we have donated the total amount of AUD $149.45 to the Animal Welfare League Queensland and below is their receipt.

We are pleased with the result and maybe we will do the same type of auction someday. The information of the auction and our new products are always updated to our Twitter and blog, so please visit us sometimes.

We will soon start selling "A Mazing Burr" on our online shop.

Thank you for your help.