Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Table Saw Trouble

One of the most important and frequently used woodworking machines is a table saw. There are three table saws at our workplace and one of them stopped working last week. It was really sudden and we had no idea what happened to it. Juno examined the switch of the table saw carefully but couldn't find the source of the trouble.

That table saw was still new, we bought it last May and it was within the warranty period. Juno asked the shop where he bought it and they agreed to send someone to our workplace to fix it.

This Monday, a man to fix the table saw came. Just in case, he brought a motor for replacing. He seemed to be used to fixing table saws, and he discovered the cause easily.

As shown in the picture below, one of the parts has a black mark on it, it's a corrosion. This is the part where electric sparks fly, and the corrosion gets severe little by little every time the motor starts.

The man taught Juno how to fix it. It was easy, you just have to clean the corroded terminal of the internal switch using sandpaper and it's all done.
After two days passed since the man came, another table saw that is identical to the previously fixed one stopped. Juno opened the cover of the table saw motor and made sure if that part was corroded or not and it was! He cleaned the corroded terminal as he was told and the motor started working.

I don't know if it happens often or happens on specific brand of table saw but it was good to know. Some small tips make work comfortable.